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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Importance of Salesmanship in Your Career

Salesmanship is the art of inducing a need/demand to clients towards a particular idea, product or service which would prompt them to avail and purchase, thus establishing true customer rapport that will secure repeat business.

The goal of hitting and making sales frequently produces immediate but unsustainable results. Mastering the art of salesmanship requires an understanding of the importance of looking into results – long term.
Salesmanship builds and seals good customer relationship. It gives a higher probability of repeat business and it establishes product loyalty and trust.  Pursuing a career in sales would require openness to transformation as your personality and social intelligence will undergo change. Dealing with customers takes courage, sensibilities and bearing. How you present yourself as part of the whole package is as relevant as how you persuade, close, and negotiate a deal. Salesmanship is both a physical and mental exercise which requires a deeper understanding on communication principles, practice, and assessment.  

The art of salesmanship also teaches you that when you sell a product, you are not selling it as an individual but as a partner of your company. It will also help you exercise your creative thinking in dealing with customers, following through and securing commitments, anticipating customer needs and handling situations.
TalkShop, the leading name in corporate and organizational training provider in the Philippines offers a comprehensive curriculum on salesmanship to assist its clientele’s sales force in the furtherance and betterment of their interpersonal relationships with current and future customers as they emanate excellent customer service and mastery in the art of salesmanship.

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