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Thursday, February 07, 2013

TalkShop, a Diamond in the Rough

TalkShop, a Diamond in the Rough

It is but wise to heed an old sage’s advice to fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen for what is seen fades, but what is unseen lasts. TalkShop and its wide spectrum of specialized business courses has been honing and teeming the corporate world with excellent professionals whose sales, management and leadership skills have consistently generated results on a long-term basis, positively leaving a lasting impact.

TalkShop is the only ISO-certified training consultancy facility in the Philippines that offers a multi-disciplinary curriculum on fields of language and communication, sales, management and personality development using the Integrated Language Teaching methodology, armed with approaches, techniques and styles, proven to be effective to both its individual and corporate accounts.

As the number one leading business school in the Philippines, TalkShop was able to cement a long-term relationship with the Asian Institute of Management, the number one business management school in the country, training students and executives through its English proficiency and research writing workshops.

An affiliate of the International English Education Research Association (IEERA), based in Delaware, USA, TalkShop is an advanced teaching institute that issues certification on Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Teaching English as a Second Language and in Practice Teaching based on a three-tiered comprehensive program that provides a strong foundation in English pedagogy interlaced with proven teaching methods and techniques.

TalkShop’s broad and voluminous portfolio of local and international accounts gives credence to the quality and superiority of its services among other competitors.

TalkShop was founded by Sheila Viesca in the year 2000 with a vision of fusing western and eastern teaching techniques to facilitate a progressive schooling of an individual’s learning capability on specialized areas of expertise. She is also in the faculty of the Development Bank of the Philippines where she handles Management Communication for incoming officers, Speech Eloquence for division chiefs and lawyers; Business Writing for the ranks. A published author, Sheila Viesca is a communication trainer and English language expert to top corporations and government institutions. She is also a textbook evaluator of the Department of Education for whom she designed the comprehensive Language Competency Benchmark, which is now being used as the official guideline for the standard competency requirements of all personnel. She has worked hand-in-hand with DepED as the lead designer and trainer of national English programs to promote the application of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in the Philippines and help advance the proficiency of educators and non teaching personnel.

Choose to excel in TalkShop! For more information, visit talkshop.ph or you may call your TalkShop Consultant today at (632) 894 5588 to schedule a program evaluation for your technical teams.

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