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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Trending Talks in TalkShop: Can’t Go One Day Without

Trending Talks in TalkShop: Can’t Go One Day Without

This is probably the most opportune time to just get your mind out in the open and make fun of everything that seems to jive with love and Valentine’s Day. TalkShop surely has a corporate culture of its own that paved the way for it to become the best English training center in the Philippines. Here’s a list of TalkShop’s simple habits of excellence that it certainly cannot live without:

  1.     Light morning greetings
  2.     Short visits to social-networking sites
  3.    Power nap on lunch breaks
  4.     Reading online articles
  5.     Listening to music
  6.     Scanning books for ideas
  7.      Reading a joke or two and laughing out loud
  8.     Afternoon walk
  9.     Sharing trivia
  10.   Lashing out words of encouragement
  11.   Producing quality outputs at the end of the day
  12.   Munching chocolates from time to time
  13.   Updating blogs and website
  14.   Prompt coordination on projects
  15.  Ending the day with a prayer
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