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Saturday, February 02, 2013

TalkShop Business English Dominates the Market

TalkShop Business English Dominates the Market

Studies show that corporations with high proficiency in Business English are more likely to thrive in the global market. It’s no surprise that Philippines was named the world’s best country in Business English proficiency, having a top-notch English training center like TalkShop. as its medium to channel communication among its employees

Both local and international market recognize the role of business communication in achieving their goals. Excelling in Business English is a major plus!

TalkShop offers a comprehensive curriculum in its slate of Business courses which include Cross-Culture Communication, Negotiation Skills & Assertive Communication, and Presentation Support Solutions to back the rising need for effective multinational communications.

Outstanding performance in areas where Business English is dominantly used for communication is a good indication of pro-activeness in business discussions and the ability to work on complex tasks.

TalkShop’s Basic to Advanced classes give a significant boost to presentations, negotiations, meetings, correspondence and reports. The workshops provide an efficient support arm to help facilitate communication from basic information during virtual or in-person meetings, read or write professional emails in English to dealing with complexity and rapid change in a global business environment.

Training employees to achieve the necessary proficiency level in their business dealings should be viewed as a strategic imperative most especially for international corporations. Strong competency in Business English reflects good company standing and is a significant indication of efficacy among employees and corporate financial stability.

With the rapid rise of industrialization, globalization, multinational corporations, and outsourcing systems, TalkShop is making sure that quality and effective communication through Business English is affecting the  international trade system the TalkShop way.

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