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Thursday, December 04, 2014

5 Ways to Own Your Job

Do you have the Monday blues? Do you just wing it at work, and live for weekends, paydays, and holidays? Such is the case with many workers who can be aptly called “dead wood.” Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO explains, “Business owners lament that there are few workers who truly care about their jobs to do their best. The complacency affects the business adversely. Carelessness of one individual gnaws ateveryone’s being until it snowballs into team mediocrity. This becomes the stamp of the workers’ daily life and as it seeps into the corporate culture, and affects thetreatments of the customers, the company profitability, and eventually the individual’s career opportunities.”

Viesca shares how one can transform his glib outlook into a positive attitude of job ownership:

1. Align your strengths with your career goals. Pursue work that makes the best match.

2. Find your passion. When you are passionate about your work, you give your best, make the difference, and feel a strong sense of accomplishment.

3. Do your best the first time, all the time.When you commit yourself to great performance, everyone takes notice, and opportunities happen naturally.

4. Rethink your attitude towards your job. You are bigger than your job. Define it by giving it your stamp of excellence.

5. Realize that no one is indispensable. Value your job and become an asset to every employer. What you can consistently hold on to is how much you improve at every opportunity.

Work is a blessing for the simple reason that, sooner or later, it allows one who gives his best to realize his greatest potentials.

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