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Monday, September 12, 2011

AIM Graduate Students Undertake Research Writing

As a prerequisite to their Masters degree in Management Development (MMD), graduate students of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) are now undertaking Research Writing preparatory to the challenging writing tasks ahead. The students comprise a broad mix of Filipinos, Indonesians, Nepalese, Thais, Indians, Pakistanis, and Chinese.

Research Writing is conducted on Saturday mornings, covering a span of 15 sessions. It is handled by Sheila Viesca, AIM’s English Communication Consultant who is likewise CEO of TalkShop, an English facility that specializes in corporate workshops.

Ces Follente, AIM Program Manager for the Center of Development Management said, “With the culture and language diversity in place at AIM, we need more than an English language expert. This is why Ms. Viesca fits the role to a T with her strong TESL (Teaching as a Second Language) background. It is a plus that she pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in the country.” This approach integrates all language skills—reading, writing, listening, and speaking—into a cohesive whole.

“Classes are dynamic and personalized, considering the special needs of my students, some of whom are struggling with English,” said Viesca who is into her second year as a Consultant for AIM. She informs, “The course provides a thorough but simplified background on research writing—from selecting a topic, documentation style, making an outline, critical thinking, drafting, and polishing. The challenge is to help each student get the grade he deserves, as I integrate ESL lessons, as needed.”

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