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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Cybercrime: Crime of Passion?

Sky is the limit: for a time this aphorism conveys so much truth about the future of the Internet.
The internet was built under a common notion of sharing. There is a big heart within the intricate system that gives us overwhelming access to information. But just like anything else under the sun, something so good was corrupted and exploited; new terms were coined-cybercrime and cybersecurity.

Pernicious desire for power, anarchy and lust is the prime motive in cases of crime of passion. Perhaps, the same can be said with cybercriminals who are now collectively called cyber czar. Cybercrime has already been implanted in our culture as early as the 1970s. Phone phreaks such as John Draper was able to find a way to fool a telephone network company. Filipinos once again showed the world their notoriety when the “I Love You” virus hit European computer users in 2000. 

Identity theft became rampant. Cyberwar spread terror all over the world as Russia and Estonia began hammering each other with crippling cyberattacks.
Cybercrime is real. As the Philippine court deals with legal challenges on the implementation of the Cybercrime Implementation Act, we, as communicators and netizens can show our take on cybercrime by doing simple things like not participating in any form of cyberbullying, keeping our silence so as not to add fuel to the fire or asserting an absolute statement negating cyberbullying. Refusing to share destructive information about personalities/celebrities on your personal account, most especially multi-media materials that have pornographic, libelous and slanderous contents, can go a long way.

We have to be aware of the reality of cybersex and child pornography and viewing and patronizing sites that exhibit such materials are no different from rape and murder. Let’s make it our goal to fully contribute to our nation’s cybersecurity. 

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