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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Image Enhancement Programs for Corporate Sales Force


TalkShop, the leading name in corporate and organizational training provider in the Philippines offers a comprehensive personality development program to assist its clientele’s sales force in the furtherance and betterment of their interpersonal relationships as they emanate excellent customer service and mastery in the art of salesmanship.

Two of its most in-demand courses are Consultative Selling and Effective Presentation for corporate executives and Customer Service and Salesmanship training for Sales, Operations, and Management teams, with an extensive take on Image Enhancement trainings. Each course is customized and conducted by TALKSHOP using the Integrated Language Teaching Methodology, an approach that actively engages participants in targeted individual exercises and group dynamics in a 3-day focused-group class.

The methodology for Integrated Language Teaching includes activities that use language as a means for self-evaluation; language that is meaningful and motivating to the learner. Other learning techniques using other medium such as Music and Arts, literature, history and reflective writing are presented as options to facilitate effective learning process.

Integrated Language Teaching was introduced by Sheila Viesca who set up the TALKSHOP in the Philippines to infuse the highly interactive and communicative language teaching styles of the West into the traditional teaching approaches of the East. 

The training includes copyrighted course materials, certificates of completion, pretest, posttest, individual and group progress reports.

The sessions will consist of 30% lesson presentation/discussion and 70% interactive/evaluative activities.

The 3-day service improvement workshop led by seasoned and respected speakers aims to help the sales force develop their social intelligence as it is the most important skill needed in building human relations and its impact on their image and personality will most likely reflect on their performance. Boosting their social quotient with TalkShop’s a sundry of sales training from office grooming, standard telephone protocols, to in-depth discussions on empathic listening, evaluating customer profile and best practices in relationship selling, negotiation and other practical application has been proven time and again results to strengthened attitude and quality performances.

Mastery in communication and presentation techniques and a more detailed understanding on the importance of image in building trust and loyalty among team members and customers are among the training value established at the end of the workshop.

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