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Thursday, February 07, 2013

TalkShop's Corporate Recruitment Solutions

TalkShop's Corporate Recruitment Solutions

It has been told time and again that the greatest asset a company has is its people - its work force. But issues varying from inefficiency to ineffectiveness continue to plague the corporate world. This has consequently led to the formulation of TalkShop’s Corporate Recruitment Solutions, which aim to assist clients in hiring the right people for the right job.

Its recruitment training puts emphasis on Integrity Interviewing techniques where the prime objective of recruiters is to evaluate a candidate’s character. Dishonesty which is often a product of poor character has increased turnover incidents among corporations. Through this training, recruiters will be able to identify areas of untruths through body language, facial expressions and unwarranted pauses vis-à-vis the fact that a good resume does not always account for quality in outputs, productivity, and trustworthiness.

The training will also help the client identify appropriate job titles for its manpower. It also gives a more detailed approach in verifying job descriptions and job requirements, identifying a just, prevailing wage per job category and aid in the nitty-gritty tasks of man pooling and outsourcing from other neighboring countries.

Talkshop’s developed and widely-proven corporate business model commits to help clients generate quality employees, help them to expand their business by grooming high quality leaders, increase revenue in the business and inculcate the value of prioritizing good and trustworthy character when considering applicants. 
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